All (and only) Office Files gone installing Windows 10, how can I get them back?

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All (and only) Office Files gone installing Windows 10

I Installed Windows 10 - worked perfectly.
But the Standard Document Folder was empty.
Realised, that during the Installation a second user was created - logged in with the new account - my old Desktop appeared, my files too - perfect. Looked at a few documents - worked perfectly.
Never created a second account on the machine - nor before or after the update.
Logged in with the old account (in order to get to my mails) - still no files.
Logged in as new user - and no files Office files were there anymore. Only three standardard Folders in Documents.
Decided to revert to Windows 8.1. - worked perfectly - only the old account there. And miracle: The old document Folder was there but all Office files were gone (*.pst,*.doc, *ppt, also *.pdf etc.). All the other (e.g. program files) were there - Folders that only contained Office files were gone - those containing other files (eg. *.dll or *.exe files) were still there.
No search (also deep search) rendered any result.
With the exception of two files everything was saved before the backup - so no catastrophy - but still wondering what happened. Did not dare to reeinstall Windows10 yet - maybe someone has a tip how to recover the files - and if not, maybe microsoft can learn from what I experienced.
Anyone having an idea what happened or what was wrong and what I sould do?

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