All my respect to Facebook (as a company)


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Dec 6, 2010
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Being seriously here. I am using Windows Mobile/Phone/10 Mobile since my Moto Q almost 10 years ago. I also bought both a LG E900 on WP7 launch and a L920 on WP8 debut and now I am using W10M on my L930 until the end of this week when my Zenfone 2 running Android arrives, so I am kinda nostalgic already because I think I believed in this platform more than I should as MS is giving hints that they don't care for it anymore since Ballmer's departure, and even with that said, I didn't bought a high-end Android phone because I'm almost certain that I will be back to my old L930 in a month or so. Call me a masochist, lol.

But thinking about all those bad news of developers leaving the sinking ship lately, I can't ignore the fact that if there's any "Titanic Violinist", this violinist is Facebook.

Of course there are tons of small and indie developers like Rudy that made and are still making great apps for the platform, but considering Facebook is one of the biggest internet company in the world and their apps had billions of users each, they could easily give the middle-finger to us because of the ridiculous small (and shrinking) userbase we represent, but instead, they are constantly porting, testing, polishing and regularly pushing updates to all their major apps such as the Facebook app itself, the Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

I've never been a fan of Facebook and some of their actions regarding privacy and stuff, but everytime I see one of their apps on the Update tab on Store, I feel that "I matter", despite being irrelevant due to the small userbase I am in. I know they didn't care for WP for a long time, but in a time that even MS appears to have gave up on us, is Facebook, Inc that is playing the violin.

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May 23, 2014
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There's also the fact that the total windows 10 user base is increasing all the time and will continue to increase as more people continue to buy windows 10 pcs and other windows 10 devices. So developing a UWP app that can work across many form factors is really sensible

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