AMD GPU issues in Windows 10


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Nov 8, 2014
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I have a dual GPU laptop, with a power saving GPU, integrated, from Intel and and a "high performance" GPU by AMD. Now, I just noticed this, but despite my settings in AMD's Catalyst Control Center, no application was running on the "high performance" GPU. To try to fix this, I decided to uninstall both drivers completely, starting with Intel then AMD, the opposite of what I usually do. Then, I installed AMD first then Intel, again the opposite of what I do usually.

This seems to have fixed the issue where no app is running on the AMD card, but created a new one. Whenever I open or close an application that is set to run on the AMD GPU, the computer freezes for a few seconds, and only then moves on. Using the application feels normal and fine, except when opening and closing them.

Another issue is Windows 8 apps (I tried Asphalt 8, specifically) can't run in full screen using the AMD GPU. When I click the full screen button, said app crashes.

For reference, my GPUs are:
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Intel core i3-2330M)
AMD Radeon 6470M (now referred to by Windows as AMD Radeon 7400M Series)

Please help.

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