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Android emulation


New member
Nov 21, 2011
Hello fellow WP users!

I have been a WP user from day one and can't see myself ever switching to another OS, at least for the moment :p but like many others, the app gap gets me green with envy from time to time. I also am the proud owner of a Surface Pro (first generation) and recently stumbled across a piece of software many of you might already know.

Now on my Surface I clearly have no complaints about lack of apps. I can run anything written for windows dating back quite some time and even get DOS apps running with a little bit of work. But I wanted to use Whatsapp on my PC and looked up solutions online. I was pointed to an app called BlueStacks, which emulates Android in a sort of virtual machine, but runs natively without additional software. Go figure! I can now run any Android apps right on the desktop, not that I really need or want to...I'm wondering if there are any homebrew solutions in the works for a somewhat simple Android emulator for WP8.

I think it could really help out some of us who are loyal WP fans but really want access to very specific apps. I, for one, am currently studying in France and would love to use an app called World&You, which would let me make calls on Wifi, in or outside of the country at no cost. It's actually free as part of my phone plan and very practical, but of course unavailable on WP. So does anyone know of an Android emulator that might grant us access to such types of apps in the works on WP? Clearly, such an app wouldn't pass through Microsoft Certification, but we could hope for an under-the-table homebrew sort of solution, no? :p


New member
Nov 12, 2012
What you're asking hasn't been done.

Windows Phone for the most part has no homebrew.
It hasn't appeared with WP7, no reason for it to magically appear here.



New member
May 20, 2014
Would be nice to have that but I'm sure a lot of people would complain about not being able to run that. Running a virtual machine would take a lot of resources that the phone can provide, the processor and memory would surely be loaded, not to mention battery draining quickly would be an issue. Still, having something like this would really be nice.

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