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Any good free Youtube App for windows 10 mobile?


New member
Sep 30, 2013
Device - 640XL

Connection - WiFi(10Mbps)

Currently I am using three third-party YouTube apps(Perfect Tube, AwesomeTube, and Tube HD) for different reasons.

Before that, I used only Perfect Tube and it was perfect for me. I mainly use Youtube for watching and downloading, not uploading. However, for some time, I cannot find a single app that serves any of the purpose well.

Perfect Tube - Like I've said before, it used to be perfect. Now skipping forward and backward makes a mess on another level. Audio gets desynchronised, video lags. Changing quality makes it even worse. Even on 360p, 480p.

Awesome Tube - Same problem like Perfect Tube plus the audio keeps playing in background even after closing the app. The app is also turned off in both the battery settings and Background setting apps. Weird. An update came, and it fixed nothing.

Tube HD - So far the best one on skipping. Doesn't lag a bit even on 720p. The problem with this app is that the UI is damn ugly. It's like a 10 years old app. Only three quality settings to choose from, LQ, SQ, HD. The app doesn't show time stamp on videos. I have to open video to see the duration of a video. The major problem with this app is that the comments section is too bad. It's too small. Reading comments on this app is a headache. Have a look at this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/store/p/tube-hd-best-client-for-youtube/9wzdncrcvlfg#

There are some more Youtube apps like Tube Pro with same style like Tube HD. Currently I am adjusting to Tube HD but it's really hard.

Other apps I have tested:

Mytube Beta - Great alternative but it's too buggy. While watching videos, the keyboard randomly shows up and won't disappear. Duh!

Mytube - Free Trial Ended :(

TubeCast - The one app that I am thinking of re-installing, but I don't know if it's just me or it's same with everyone. I get a lot less search result on this app. If I search for a video I get very much less search result when compared to the other apps.

Client for Youtube - Lags when skipping. Otherwise, it's beautiful.

So, is there any app that has good UI, the likes of windows 10, and no lagging when skipping with little features?


New member
Nov 20, 2014
I use TubeCast, could be true what u said, but I still prefer it over others. And it has a great feature of streaming audio/video via DLNA. For me it's perfect because regular youtube can't get audio out to my car's BT system, but this app does, streaming ofc.


New member
Sep 30, 2013
Yeah it doesn't show many videos, actually much of those that I listen/watch. Here's an example:

From Perfect Tube:

You see the two videos? The one by Twodawgzz and Musicprof78? These two and some more videos never appear in Tubecast. They still don't appear after searching with the channel's name. This is kinda weird. It is same for all searches. Many results don't show up in TubeCast. This was my number reason to uninstall the app.

Here are the results from Tubecast:

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