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Any heavy Google users make the jump to WP7?


New member
Nov 11, 2010
I don't necessarily mean Android users, but people who make heavy use of Google apps. I use maps, gmail, calender, voice, tasks, docs, blogger.... I am wondering if by getting a WP7 phone I will be shooting myself in the foot, or if the apps make up for it, and it's no biggy.


New member
Dec 5, 2010
I'm a heavy user of Gmail, Calendars, Reader, and Docs.

Gmail is easy enough. Works fine on WP7. It is better on an Android device, but that's to be expected.

Calendars was a tough one at first. I have multiple calendars under a single Google account. WP7 only syncs the default calendar. I had to combine all of my calendars into one in order to view all of my appointments/events.

Reader is easy. Many Google Reader apps exist in the Marketplace. I recommend Wonder Reader.

I have not worked much with Google Docs. Much of my Google Doc editing is done from a computer, with little access needed from my mobile device. Given the polish of Office and it's functionality with Skydrive, I would consider migrating from Google to Office in that regard.


New member
Dec 12, 2010
I use Gmail, Calendars, and Voice.

So far I much prefer the Gmail experience on WP7 compared to Android (can't stand the UI) or WebOS (which isn't saying much). I'm able to easily sync my folders/labels automatically. True, you can't apply labels yet in WP7, but this isn't a problem for me because I mostly use automatic labeling with filters through the Gmail web app.

Calendars work fine, but it is annoying that you need to combine them. As a direct tie-in to Gmail I should mention that appointment/meeting forwards work great via the Calendar/Gmail.

Voice works well enough for me using a 3rd party app. I'm currently using GoVoice and like it. However, it's still missing some features (can't listen to a VM through ear speaker yet, and notifications are a bust leaving me to rely on email notifications for new VM).

Rich Edmonds

PC Editor
Dec 13, 2010
I'm a heavy GMail and Calendar user. However, unlike the two replies above, I don't need to merge calenders together due to only having one that is synchronized automatically. I prefer the GMail interface with Metro UI over Android and supporting push sync is a major plus.