Anyone having problems with Windows 10 and overclocking?

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Anyone having problems with windows 10 and overclocking?

I have an old pentium Dual core. runs at 1.8ghz standard and for years its been happy runing at 3.0ghz while on windows 7. I upgraded to windows 10 and for a few weeks I was unimpressed with it as it was quite slow. Then I noticed that my CPU was running back at its standard 1.8ghz. I changed the settings in the bios and put it back to 3.0ghz and for about 2-3 hours streaming on the internet it was brilliant. No lag opening windows and apps ,everything was fast again. This morning my son was saving his homework and a screen popped up saying "Windows had run into a problem" and the PC shut down, restarted and the screen popped up again "Saying Windows had run into a problem" and the PC shut down, restarted and continued to do this until I did a forced shut down. As the only thing that changed was the overclock I put it back to 1.8ghz and Windows is now back up and running!!!!!! but slow again. Anybody else had this problem before I go back to Windows 7?

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