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Anyone here installed Windows 10 on the T100 yet?


Trusted Member
Jun 11, 2013
As the title says. How was the upgrade process? Was it painless? how does it perform?

I installed Win 10 on Dell Inspiron 15, it was hassle free. I'm just curious about the T100.

Matthew Bauer

New member
Aug 2, 2015
I Got the ready notification at midnight EST on 7/29 and installed Windows 10. You DO need to make sure that you have at least 5GB of free space on the SSD before proceeding or the install might fail, stating there isn't enough free space in the reserved (swap) partition to decompress the install. You may want to have a 32 or 64GB micro-SD with all your libraries mapped to the SD before doing the install as that gets your documents and downloads and movies and music off and onto the SD to free up SSD space. 10 DID break the track pad functionality and I DID have to downgrade the driver to the one on the Asus T100TA driver page. It DID mess up the adaptive brightness, but again, I downloaded the driver for it and it now works. Some programs I installed still function but DO NOT show up in the list of installed programs in control panel; I solved that by going into the programs file and deleting everything associated with that program and then doing a reinstall. I was hoping continuum (auto switch or ask before switching to tablet mode) would work, but the BIOS doesn't support it yet. I feel my T100TA doesn't run any faster or slower. Since I never really used mine in tablet mode, I feel even less inclined to use tablet mode in Windows 10 because it is more heavily rooted in the desktop and less rooted in the touch friendly environment of 8/8.1. If I were you, I'd go ahead and install 10 simply because it is free and my motto has always been "Get it if it is free".

Peter Harvey

New member
Aug 12, 2014
I've installed Windows 10 on my Asus Transformer T100 64 GB.
So quick to install.
Everything works fine.

I wish the arrangement of the tiles on Tablet Mode was totally independent of the arrangement of tiles in the Start Curtain; ie, the curtain that pops up when we click the Start Button.

I also wish the arrangement of tiles on the Tablet Mode, and the Start Curtain, was totally independent from computer to computer.
Because I find that I arrange things a certain way on the tablet, and it wants to arrange it the same way on my desktop PC of the same email address.

Windows 8 used to scroll horizontally, and very awkwardly at that.
Windows 10 now goes back to the plain Jane boring vertical scrolling; looks boring, but more functional on the thumbs.

Also, the Edge Browser, I wish it wouldn't open up with Top Sites, but the user's most commonly used sites!
Edge also cannot Full Screen.

They have changed a number of things, and I'm not sure where certain settings are now.

All in all, an improvement.
Still needs a lot more polishing...