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Anyone know why....My 640XL blows away my 1020 for music?


New member
Nov 16, 2013
Maybe it's because of the bigger battery, but I am just curious why the 640 makes so much more volume then the 1020.

I am just blown away at how much louder the 640 is when put up against a top of the line device.

Is it sound chips or is it battery??? No matter what I am so happy with the 640 and I am not in a struggle to hurt my hearing like I was with the 1020, as I like my music at work to be loud.

By the way I tested same songs on both with 3 different sets of ear buds and all 3 tests were 640 way louder.


New member
Oct 30, 2012
It shouldn't have anything to do with the battery - nowadays, sound DSP's (Digital Signal Processors) for phones are integrated directly into the SoC the phone is using, to save space (less physical chips needed).

The 1020 uses a Snapdragon S4, and the 640 uses a Snapdragon 400 - Whilst both of these have the same Hexagon QDSP6 DSP, the S4 has the V3 variant and the 400 has the V4, which adds substantially higher processing capability (and reduced power consumption).

Overall sound volume will also be limited by a few other variables like internal design and software, but overall, the main thing is simply that the 640 has a more advanced sound processor.

Any other Windows phone with the same SoC should be equally as loud, within a margin for error depending on who manufactured it.

I hope this helps :)
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