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Feb 21, 2011
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Name: Chemist Companion

This is my second app, and the reason I learned to develop apps.

There is a lot of reference material I use often in my line of work (synthetic chemist), and I wanted this info on my phone in a nice easy to use package. So I created it for my self and decided to share it with the rest of the world. It is NOT just another periodic table.

  • NIST Periodic Table
  • Thermodynamic Data (ΔG,ΔH,ΔS, Heat Capacity)
  • Physical properties of common solvents (Formula, MW, MP, BP, FP, Density, Solubility (in water), Relative permittivity (dielectric constant)
  • Relative pKa
  • Solvent miscibility table (I combined quite a few different tables to make the most comprehensive solvent miscibility table I have seen to date)
  • NMR shifts of common solvents/contaminants in common duterated solvents

I will be updating the software with much more data later, but I thought I would roll the first version out. For the practicing chemist it is an amazing companion. It might be helpful for students as well. It has already made my life much simpler, and if it helps anybody else, great.

There are two version, free ad supported, and a paid version for $1.99.
Both are available on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

These links should launch the Zune software, or just search Chemist Companion on the Marketplace.
Free version, ad supported.
Paid version, $1.99 US

Questions and comments appreciated.

Update with more data coming soon.

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