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Jun 28, 2012
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Team Snap Application. If there are any interested developers, please contact This is an app that is available on IOS and android and guess what? Not available on windows phone. They said they are willing to work with a 3rd party developer to help with app development. This application is for sports team management. There used to be one call champion that was in the app store but seems to have lost support. Below is the email response I received from the company.

Jason Perry (TeamSnap)

May 20, 8:37 PM

Hello Fiorenzo,

Thanks for asking about a TeamSnap Windows Phone app. Our goal is to put TeamSnap onto every mobile device, because we know you need to access TeamSnap when you're on the go.

We're excited about the platform and hope to soon have tons of customers demanding a Windows Phone app. In the meantime, here are two things we're looking at:

First, we're actively seeking 3rd-party developers who want to create a Windows Phone app. Our developer program makes it really easy for any programmer to create such an app. If you participate in any Windows Phone usergroups or forums, please spread the word about the opportunity for a developer to work with us.

Second, we're working on better mobile-optimized web access to TeamSnap, so people on any mobile device can use core TeamSnap features right through the browser on their phone.

We know that doesn't help you today, but we definitely want you to know that we hear you and getting TeamSnap to you while you're on the go is something that's important to us.

Thanks for your support!

Jason Perry

TeamSnap Customer Support Specialist

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