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Feb 21, 2011
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I am a developer for WP7. I learned to program at the beginning of this year, just to develop apps for WP7 for fun. I have several apps out right now, some doing pretty well. I thought I would share some insight on my apps, and some download and usage statistics.

Firstly, all of my apps are published under the name/developer “erlensoft”. You can see all my apps here, or search erlensoft in Zune.

If you take a look at my apps, they are all fairly simple. As I said, I just learned programing, and I do this for fun in my spare time, so I can not really devote a lot of time to making apps.

My first app, is called Chemistry Companion. Honestly, because my real job is a research chemist, I wanted this app on my phone and that was the only reason I learned to develop apps. Other chemist saw it and wanted it, so I released it on the Marketplace. I decided, of course, to try and make some money off of it. So I released two versions, a free ad supported version and a paid ad free version. It is currently rated at ~4.5 out of 5 stars on the marketplace. It is ranked 36th in the Books and References category. Free version. Paid version .
Chemistry Companion download statistics. 1,861 downloads as of 4/23/11

Because Microsoft made it so easy to develop, and I enjoy learning, I decided on making some other apps for fun.

One of my other fairly popular apps is called Meteor Show. It is again, released in a free ad supported version and a paid ad free version. Free version . Paid version .
Meteor Show is currently ranked 37th in the social category with 5 star ratings. It has had 1,338 downloads as of 4/23/11

Quick Contact Info is a 100% free app, no ads. Download link.
It is currently ranked #11 in the business category with a 4 star rating. It has had a total of 310 downloads as of 4/23/11.

My most popular app by far, in both downloads and ratings is a little app called Grocery Total. It only comes in free, ad supported version.
As of writing this, it is ranked #2 in the finance category, but has spent almost a full week in the #1 spot, and it keeps switching back and fourth between #1 and #2. It currently has a ~4.5 star rating.
It has had 2,783 downloads as of 4/23/11

I have made several, fairly simple games as well. The most downloaded is Rock, Paper, Spock with 1,956 downloads as of 4/23/11

My newest game is called Teleport7 . I think it is quite fun, and my first programing with animation! It was published on 4/27/11. There are currently no download statistics for it. This is important to point out with regards to everything. Microsoft delays the download statistics to developers by 6 days, while the ranking is updated daily; so the rankings I have listed do not exactly match the download statistics I am quoting. Also note, that the rankings, are NOT solely based off of just cumulative download statistics. The rankings seem to be more based off of instantaneous download statistics as well as app ratings.

Hopefully some of you find this information informative. Feel free to check out any and all of my apps/games and share them as much as you can! Reviewing/rating them in the Marketplace and here. Questions and comments are welcome.

I would tell everybody, that rating/reviewing apps is very important and very helpful for developers. Yes, there always seems to be those people that just rate an app negatively. If you are not interested in what the app does, I see no reason to rate it negatively. If the app does not work well for what it is, please do rate it negatively, etc. But it really helps developers, not only to get their apps noticed, but with more info on what to improve in them. And if you did rate an app semi negatively, and leave a comment why, well, if the developer address your complaint in an update, go back and reconsider your rating/review!

Update, and I forgot to mention, that my most juvenile yet most delightfully fun app, iPooey. It is very new, and only a paid version. But its so silly and fun and makes great fun of iPhone users! It has been purchased by 20 people so far and it is worth every penny!
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