App downloads get stuck in pending on Windows phones. Where is the real fix?

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It is not possible to download apps on my Windows phone, which is a Nokia. They just stay stuck in pending, literally forever. The model number etc. are irrelevant because the past few hours searching on the Web shows that this is a Windows problem that is experienced across all phone platforms. It's an issue with Windows 10 as well as 8.1

None of the "solutions" that various users have come up with work at all. It is not to do with any of the following: wifi connection; needing to sign in to microsoft; syncing; region, date, or time settings; and it is not helped by: switching the phone on and off; soft re-booting; waiting half an hour and then switching back on or anything else anyone has suggested.

The only thing I haven't tried, and that seems to have worked for some people, is to do a factory reset, which of course wipes all the data on your phone. I guess I will have to resort to that, although at this point, I think I'm going to buy an Android in protest over this crap.

I am appalled that Microsoft can sit around and let people waste their time and money on a problem that is at least 3 years old without any comment whatsoever from the company.

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