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Dec 23, 2010
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basically, Easy File Hub is a remote file explorer for Windows Phone 7,

Easy File Hub support three cloud storage: Local Web Server, Dropbox and Google Docs,

with Easy File Hub Server(a local web server), you can browse files of your PC with Wi-Fi in Windows Phone 7,

and open office files(Word,Excel,PowerPoint) and pdf, or media files(mp3) with IE,

Easy File Hub also provides build-in viewer for jpg,png,txt,html and mp3 player,

of course, Easy File Hub support Dropbox, you can browse public files of your Dropbox account,

and open office files and pdf, media files with IE,or simple playing mp3 files of a folder.

lastly, Easy File Hub support Google Docs, you can browse documents and spreadsheets of your google docs account,
with build-in Viewer, you can view any documents and spreadsheets in Windows Phone 7, if you want, you can add
these files to favorites, once it added, it will save in your windows phone 7 for offline view
(want delete? just remove it from favorites).

Easy File Hub Server can download from http://www.code6421.com/FileHub/setup.exe

what's build-in viewers/players we provides:

Text/Html/Jpg/Png for all storage services
Documents/Spreadsheets for google docs
MP3 Player for dropbox,local web server

support open with IE

all formats (without google docs)

the trial version is provides full function but add trial word in about panel.

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