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Oct 28, 2011
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Name: StormGlass

Language: English (at the moment - I need translators!)
Required: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
App will use:
  • Location services - When asked to use Geolocation
  • Data services - To fetch weather data

StormGlass is a customizable weather live tile application for WP7. You can use the "Tiles" page to populate upto 5 live weather tiles, each with it's own settings. All live tiles will update once every 30 minutes. You can also customize what information you want to see on a tile by selecting a layout to use. Available weather skins can also be changed for a unique look. Enabling the "Quick refresh" mode for a live tile causes it to refresh weather information by just clicking on it without having to launch StormGlass.

If you've been looking for a free, good looking and dependable weather live tile application - you need look no further than StormGlass!

StormGlass is and will always be free with no ads or annoyances.

I am currently looking for people to help me with
  • Translations (into any language you can read/write fluently) - Email me and I will share documents via Google docs that you can edit.
  • Weather skins - Please submit any weather skins you would like to see in the app. (details at the end of the post)
  • Tile layout suggestions - I am welcome to ideas for more tile layouts - subject to the limitations of what weather information Google Weather provides.

Oh, and if you know of a free weather service that can provide dependable, hourly weather data - I am most interested in knowing.

Anyone who contributes in any way will be given due credit inside the application. Weather skin / layout authors please provide a name and/or email id (and optionally a title and message body). The shown name will be a clickable link that will allow the end user to compose an email message to you.


Source: StormGlass weather live tile application for Windows Phone (under construction, coming in a few hours - I just wanted to get this up here first)

Download Link: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=1398edb0-b896-463a-9fb7-c4729fdf3890

Weather skin details
Size: 120 x 120
Format: PNG
  • chancerain.png
  • chancesnow.png
  • chancesnow_n.png
  • chancestorm.png
  • chancestorm_n.png
  • cloudy.png
  • Colored.png
  • dust.png
  • fog.png
  • icyrain.png
  • lightrain.png
  • mostlycloudy.png
  • mostlycloudy_n.png
  • mostlysunny.png
  • mostlysunny_n.png
  • rain.png
  • smoke.png
  • snow.png
  • storm.png
  • sunny.png
  • sunny_n.png
  • Unknown.png

Please spread the word and most importantly - enjoy! Thank you! :)

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