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Aug 23, 2013
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I built Listage for myself because I couldn't find a list app that did everything I wanted - and none that did auto-sorting. I built it, and I use it every day.

I love lists. I bet you do too. So here's a list of everything you can do with Listage

  • create multiple lists (up to 7 in the free version, unlimited in pro)
  • add auto-sorting rules*
  • enter multiple items with comma to separate (auto-split)
  • sync to and from onedrive
  • send a list as an SMS message
  • parse a message into a list
  • pin lists to the start screen
  • change order of items in a list [pro only]
  • multiple edit mode [pro only]
  • lots of backgrounds [pro only]

The pro version is just $0.99.

* Auto-Sorting rules is probably the big feature. It's the main reason I built the app. A bunch of simple rules match whether an item starts with, contains or ends with a word. The main use of this is the shopping list function. From anywhere in the app I can enter something like "bread, eggs, cheese" and based on the content it knows this is a shopping list.

Likewise if I start something with "email" then it auto-sorts that into the "desk" list.

The app ships with four premade lists - Shop, Home, Desk and Out. Each comes with a bunch of rules to auto-assign items. You can disable any or all rules, or edit them. You can even add your own!

You can download it here
There's more about it here, including a list of screenshots.
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Dec 23, 2012
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The rules section of the app feels unwieldly, for some reason. Why don't you try dividing it into sections that focus on which rules put the items in which lists?

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