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Apps leaving stuff behind on deletion


New member
Jun 11, 2015
Hello everyone.

I'm a little new to Windows Phone, and I was wondering about something, so I hope you can help.

I know that in normal pc windows, when you install and deinstall lots of programs, there is a tendency of little bits being left over. Empty folders, the odd file or savegame, an errant registry entry, stuff like that. Usually, this isn't an issue, and even if there are issues with it, it's relatively easy to find a registry cleaner and go through your directories to see if there's any unwanted stuff floating about.

What I'm wondering about is if apps I install and deinstall have the same tendency to leave bits behind on my windows phone, and if they do, if it is worth worrying about. I have a very limited access to the file structure, so I can't really check, and I don't even know if windows phone uses a registry of sorts.
So does anyone know, and if I need to, can someone suggest a cleaning app?

Many thanks.