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Are new Microsoft devices' screens expensive to replace?


New member
Apr 29, 2014
I am careful with my phones but had the unlucky experiences of shattering both 920's and 830's screens to bits.
Those lumia phones are super-expensive to repair (not all of them- those two have screens somehow connected to everything and the replacement consists of replacing almost half of the phone - not just the glass). The same thing goes with 1520 as far as I know.
Do you know if Microsoft started implementing their screens differently (i don't see round glass edges as in 920 and 830) or it's the same?
If you ask me it's an important factor while buying a new phone, replacing screen in my 830 is almost as costly as buying a new one, I quite don't know what to do.


Simon Hinton

New member
Jul 9, 2013
They'll be expensive. A replacement screen for my first Lumia would set me back $150 if i broke it tomorrow, and that phone is going on four years old now. And that's for an old, common 800x480 panel. I'd hate to think what a 2560 x 1440p screen would retail for.

Going by this breakdown of the Iphone, the screen represents a quarter of its manufacturing cost ($50 out of $200ish). Obscene Apple profits aside, screens are just generally expensive.



Dec 5, 2014
An iPhone 6 screen costs you and me $200 to buy. Same with an S6 edge.

All new screens are fused with the LCD. I don't think you'll find any premium phone that is not. So, screen replacement costs will always be very expensive.

Along this note - something weird has happened to iPhone 5 parts costs - they've gone way up in the past few months. Replacement aftermarket screen assemblies have gone from around $40 to $75. Not sure exactly why that is, but we have 2 broken iPhone 5 screens in the family that I just replaced. I wasn't too excited to see how much they've jumped.


Trusted Member
Sep 5, 2011
I've replaced the screen on a 920 at least three times. It was less than $100 the last couple of times. And that was with labor and tax. Any phone that has the LCD bonded to the glass and digitizer is going to be more expensive. Samsung being some of the most expensive.