Assessment of HP Lap Dock

Dono Newcomb

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May 8, 2014
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I Love the idea of a Laptop type shell that continuum can utilize, it seems like the future of computing will utilize the concept in multiple ways we can only speculate about now. But its a great concept.

Here's what I liked...

1) The HP Lap Dock itself feels nice, very good quality.
2) The screen size is decent not too small (Though could stand to be a bit bigger since we are going for an enlarged experience but not bad).
3) Weight of the device is nice and not too light ( I could even be happy if it were a little heavier if it meant stronger features).
4) Very aesthetically pleasing.
5) Nice blue led lighted keyboard with nice typing feel, touch-pad works but is not my favorite.

Okay so if I would change some things there are a couple that would take priority...

1) First and foremost I would insist on touchscreen and stylus support, for me I am at the point now that touchscreens are a requirement for intuitive use, we have now days been trained by our tablets and phones to instinctively reach for the screen and start trying to navigate. (It's kinda funny like watching a character in star trek during a time travel episode try to talk to a computer in the 80's or 90's and then they think to themselves "How in the world did these people get by like this", lol)

2) USB 2.0 Ports, I would like to see at least one USB 2.0 port for a flash drive or a mouse since the touchpad is troublesome. Maybe in the near future USB-C will be the standard but right now it would be nice to have better options.

3) Easier Firmware Update, I was able to update the firmware, but it was very touchy and if someone didn't have experience manipulating software it may seem impossible. A LAN addition like comes on the deskdock could solve that, in fact if they used the Deskdock as a design base they could solve the USB port issue as well.

4) Wireless Continuum is is spotty, it seems very touchy and can be a little unpredictable at times since it can decide to disconnect at inopportune times. Wired in is a bit better but then the device becomes unwieldy and awkward. Razor's design idea could be the solution to both the touchpad and the wireless connectivity issues.

Maybe I am expecting more from a device than some think I should, but truthfully my family has a very strong root to a daily education routine so study, highlight/underline and taking notes during talks and lectures. So from our viewpoint these things would be made much better by a setup that could handle that and since we aren't rich elites we can't just keep buying a new device for everything, it is imperative that we find equipment that is as versatile as possible. :)

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