Automatically logging into Windows 10 - IMPOSSIBLE!

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Hi, everyone. I've been searching this forum and others for this answer for actually quite a bit and I can't seem to find anything for something so simple a request. The threads I've read seem to suggest that there is no solution besides paid software.

Here is the problem. I have antivirus and antimalware software. And it comes with autoscans that you can set daily. I want mine to go off at night around 3 am since I'd rather not having scans going off while I'm using the computer during the day.

Through this forum, I was able to learn how to wake up my computer at a certain time. (This took a long time to research in itself!) But after the computer wakes up, you need to log into Windows. How do you guys get over this hurdle if you are not there?

First, is it possible to have your computer locked but still have the antivirus still running its scans? (I'm assuming no.)

Second, if not, I'll accept the security issue of the automatic login and risk it. But is there a way to get the windows to automatically login without getting disabling the Windows login feature?

Is there a solution for such a simple problem?

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