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Dec 26, 2011
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I recently decided to reinstall W10 Mobile on my 1520. I had 10 on it before and went though its growing pains of being an OS that wasn't truly ready for prime time. Everything it seemed was a step back from WP 8.1. Wasn't as fast, phone would get real hot from doing mundane things, camera didn't seem as on its game as it should have been.

Then some time ago MS had that borked release of mobile builds that gave a lot of users bricked phones when we woke up, WDRT easily took care of it and since then I have been living the WP 8.1 life. It was nice. Phone running nice and fast, camera being unbeatable, just the workhorse I came to know and love. But something was missing, and that was the apps, being able to do things like reply to texts from the lock screen, little things that I missed, and grew over time.

So I decided to put 10 back on the 1520 and put up with the shortcomings of 10, but something happened, and the something was it works fantastic now. It is fast, I haven't come across one resuming screen for anything, the camera is working flawlessly, it isn't getting steak cooking hot anymore. If 10 was performing like this I would never have stayed at 8.1 as long as I did after the borked builds.

Currently on build 14393.1715. Feels like this build should have been the original Win 10 Mobile build.

How is everyone else's experience with this build?


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Apr 1, 2012
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Not too many people here are on Anniversary Update because as enthusiasts, we want the latest and greatest. However, I do find AU a little more stable than Creator Update. Each build has its pluses and minuses so it's up to the individual user to determine which build is best for them. Unless of course you own one of 13 (+/-) devices that have official update paths to CU in which case it's a moot point. You're getting it whether you like it or not.

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