back to windows phone after a few years away rant.


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Aug 16, 2017
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Hi peeps I have just returned to windows phone after a few years of blackberry and android phones..
I have a Nokia Lumia 930 and 735 and to be honest I was shocked and disappointed.

How can Microsoft sell this crap it's the worst operating system I have ever used on a modern mobile. Nothing works 100% properly nothing but bugs and glitches. My old HTC windows phone I had about 7 years ago worked better than this mobile 10 tripe. Looking on the internet I see nothing but people having problems with the software on their phones, how can Microsoft get away with selling mobile devices which aren't fit for purpose.

So angry and tired of trying to get apps and phones to work properly I've given up and going back to android which is a shame cause I love the idea and design of windows phones but enough is enough (can't even sell my Nokia's on eBay no one wants them). Ok rant over just needed to get it off my chest sorry guys..


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Dec 22, 2016
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Microsoft basically abandoned windows phone/mobile. They've put their focus else where, just as almost all developers have as well.

Microsoft even releases their apps and updates them for iOS/Android first, they treat their own platform like they don't care.


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Aug 2, 2015
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same here. I was very disappointed how often it crashed daily. something always goes wrong many times on a daily basis. I was surprised how long I stayed this time. got a cheap Android phone. works great.


May 15, 2013
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To be honest with you, Microsoft dropped the ball big time on mobile (again) by being so closed focused. The paradigm of shift of old no longer applies (Enterprise to consumers) as people didn't not have a PC and it was luxury must people couldnot afford. Now, the smartphone in your pocket has more processing power and capibilities than these PCs.

Now the paradigm shift is Consumer to Enterprise through BYOD.

They litterally handed that market to Android and IOS on a platter, sure workplace PCs run Windows that is because those who are using them grew up with Windows PCs. The future generations are growing up with android and ios as their computing platfrom not windows.

Consider this:
how many people do you know use the term 'ipad' to mean tablet?
how many people use 'google it' to mean 'search the web'
how many people now use their laptop or pc as opposed to phones for browsing, communication and work?

Pretty much all people are consumers first and enterprise users second either by extension or direct usage.

I personally use my desktop or laptop when I need to do proper work and for basic tasks I can use my smartphone.

Well I would say I could use my L930 to do basic tasks... but... *sigh* that is more like I can use my L930 to do basic tasks 70% of time when it's not busy trying to take a vacation and leaving me with a unresponsive paperweight in the process.

Sadly, what Microsoft is doing is hoping to come back again with Windows on ARM with UWP but... they neglected the very foundation UWP would have thrived with - Consumers.

Developers need users and without apps there are no users so completely foregoing the Consumer market is absolutely suicidal.

The mythical surface phone will need apps to succeed as when the iphone was released smartphone computing was not in the forefront of consumer computing - it was seen as the nerdy guys with his or her fancy gadgets. As such the iphone had almost zero apps and did not even have copy + paste.

But that methodology will not work today, it must have a strong foundation to succeed but by foregoing the consumer market they have undermined themselves completely.

Windows on ARM hinges on:
1) Apps
2) Performance per SOC cycle as emulation tends to take more processing power
3) Battery and power optimisations as battery tech has not progressed much at all when compared to everything else.

So it's a circular argument... apps, apps, apps.

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