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Oct 7, 2013
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Well, I had a windows phone awhile back. I liked it, but it had some bugs and the microsd card thing on the phone (focus) kept eating my cards. So I went back to android.

Now after years with android I decided to give it another shot. I'm so glad I did. I have the Nokia Lumia 928 and this phone is amazing! I have had it for a couple days and love it.

I am a tech geek and have been since the days of the local bbs. I hated Windows for a long time and only used Linux (hence the love for android). Well after all these years I am tired of tinkering. I want things that work. Simple logic is a plus as well and this phone dies it all.

Just had a friend tell me "well you can't even set a wallpaper", well I told him to please explain the logic in tinkering with your phone for hours on end to set it up the way you like it only to never really pay attention to that effort you put in. Who stares at a wallpaper? Some might but I don't marvel over how wonderful my device looks, I tend to use it. I am enjoying the fact I don't have to spend hours making this look good, it already does and using it works with such logic, well it just makes sense.

Glad to be here and hello to all :).

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