Battery Drain During Sleep - Not Hello?

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Battery Drain During Sleep - Not "Hello"

Hello -

I just got a second Surface Pro 4 (replacing my first due to constant blue screens and driver issues, which I guess are actually "normal" even after the 11/2 update and the 11/12 TH2 update). Either way, when I put this on to sleep, it drains the battery at a crazy rate. I have it set to hibernate after 2 hours of sleep (that is the default) and when I do the sleepstudy through the cmd prompt, it is just insane. I got a 34% battery drain in the first 2 hour sleep and another 41% drain after the second. The first time, the culprits were the GPU and CPU (no programs are given, just system processes) and the second time it was WiFi (which is odd because I've already said to turn wifi off in sleep).

Any ideas? I use a pin / don't require sign-in / password, so windows Hello is not even an option to turn off since it is already off.


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