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sunil kumar11

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Aug 27, 2013
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Hi Friends,

I purchased a new Nokia Lumia 920 on 25th Aug 2013 with in 2 days i display got failed and i given it to Nokia Care Center they sent it to Company for repair finally i got my device yesterday and display is working fine now.

while giving phone to Nokia Care Center i also pointed about battery back up, because it was giving only 9 to 12 hrs battery back up, they said they will ask company people to check.

When I received device battery level was 30% and I didn't charge immediately rather than allowed it completely drain out and then I charged my device battery fully.

This time I googled it and found some battery saving tips and followed exactly and it is better now. But still am unhappy with battery backup of this device.( because Nokia phones are very good in battery back up)

Now it is giving me an average of 16 to 20 hrs back up after following Battery saving tips, which is not good for 200mAH battery.

Below is the my daily usage activity.
Voice Calls --- 1hr to 2hrs
Photos --- May take 5 to 10 snaps per day some times not even 1
Mobile Internet --- 30mins to 1hr per day.
Wi-Fi ---- If available then I will use it, in our office there is no W-Fi.
I will play game if am free not for too long time only for 30mins or max 1 hr

I followed the below battery saving tips.
Blocked all the background tasks, after blocking verified that no other services are running in the background.
Screen Brightness is set to low and disabled automatic adjustment.
Turned Off WiFi/Bluetooth/tap+send/location and am using this when ever I required.
Disabled automatic updates.
Touch Sensitivity is normal and glance screen is OFF.
Email syncing I have set it to 1hr.
Please suggest me if any this needs to be done to save the battery.

Just to know.
My friend has got Samsung Galaxy S3 he is regular user of Whats App & Facebook and always he will be on WiFi or 3G networks but still he manages to get more than 24hrs battery back up.
I even tested my NL 920 with S3(both charged to 100%) by doing nothing in both the phones for 6hrs, under Network selection I choosen 2G where as in S3 I selected 3G network during this time for 6hrs in my NL 920 reduced 90% where as S3 reduced to 4%.

Is windows OS consume more power, why this huge difference,,,,,,,,?

Please help me out in getting good Battery backup from my new Nokia Lumia 920.



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Aug 6, 2012
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The battery issue are more possibly caused by Firmware/OS bugs!!And the fact that microsoft is ignoring to recognize this bugs and say an official word about this or provide an OS/Firmware update fix is forcing people to leave the WP platform and go back to Android and iOS!!!
I had battery/overheating issues to my HTC 8x then after 3 services they changed the motherboard and battery but the problem wasn't fix they replaced my HTC 8x with a new one but again the same issue and now i bought a Lumia 920 and again i met the same issue it's unbelievable and so unprofessional how MS is managing main issues like this!!!
I suggest you to pray and wait until GDR3 and then if nothing is fixed better buy an S3/S4 or an iPhone!

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