Battery Life Killing Me!!!!


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Jan 14, 2011
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I love my Focus, I really, really do. As of now I wouldn't trade it for another phone. All my friends that are on the iPhone bandwagon are even jealous of my Focus. My one and only complaint is the battery life.

Now I realize coming from a Blackberry Tour I am spoiled when it comes to battery life. That thing would truck for 3-4 days with heavy usage. My Focus barely gets me through the day currently. I know there are tons of tricks to improve battery life, Turning off data and multiple other features, but if I do that what is the point of even owning a Focus? I honestly don't do a lot of talking on my phone which is going to eat up the majority of your battery. I would say about 90% of my communicating is through text messaging. I have come to the realization that it's more than likely just how hard my phone has to work to acquire a signal. I live in a densely populated downtown area where most of the buildings are brick. As much as I love having GSM it really is the worst as far as building penetration goes.

I guess to end my rant I have come to accept the battery life as is. My question is has anyone seen an aftermarket battery charger for the Focus yet? Something I could have on my desk to charge a second battery on it's own? That way I could just swap out one battery while I charge the other one.

I know this is reaching deep as it's been a bit frustrating to find Focus accessories. I very well could switch out to a newer model later this fall as well if this doesn't work.

Just wondering if anyone else feels my pain?


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Dec 16, 2010
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yeah welcome to high power devices .... Iphones , Androids and WP7 dont go much more then 1 day

phew things you can do to help with battery.

1. turn off WIFI when not using
2. Turn OFF Bluetooth wen not in use.
3. if u dotn need it , turn off all your location services.
4. Turn your Brightness down to MID or LOW ( amoled is bright enough as it is , lol)

Also this is good for us AMOLED screen users . AMOLED screen are better on battery lfie if you use DARK colors. SO try having a dark lock screen , put a dark theme on . and that should help boost it a couple hours.


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Jul 22, 2011
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thats weird, i can go all day with wifi and bluetooth on. screen on mid and location services on. about mid use. way better than the atrix i came from.


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Dec 15, 2007
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I have a car charger in my car (usb cable car charger body, a wall charger for home a usb cable for my laptop and a wall charger usb for my office so I tend to keep the battery charged while in the office and overnight if low in the car well you get the picture I have the light them checked recent change and have wi fi and location on moderate use if i forget to charge overnight it will be low in the morning but its really not an issue. I used to have cradles for all my treo devices but kinda hard with the focus and the microusb on the top wireless cordless charging like the touchstone would be really cool!

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