Battery Performance WORSE after last update


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Jun 11, 2014
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When I first received my SP3, I didn't really have any of the issues that others talked about out of the box. The only issue I had after about 3 weeks was that yellowing effect that ran down the left side of the screen. Was replaced and never had issue again.

Since that time there have been 3 maybe 4 firmware updates, and I feel with each one, it's actually gotten WORSE for me than better.

The area on the keyboard cover where my right hand sits has now become very very warm almost hot causing my palm to sweat. That never was an issue, until the last update.

Now, my battery life has shown significant issues, and I have not downloaded any additional programs nor am I running any additional apps etc in the background. The only thing I have running or open in IE. That's all.

From 100% to 85% in 1 hour with screen down to 50% brightness and all I am doing is writing email with Outlook 2013 which I've always done since I had the machine with very little affect on battery.

My issues are occurring after the latest updates and there's been more and more of them. Cursor on the keyboard cover randomly jumping the top left corner of the screen. When I hit the Windows key on keyboard, screen stays a solid blue color and doesn't jump into Metro version until I hit it again.

The fan is not running and it's not overheating at all. If anything, it's cool. No issues there.

Anyone experienced worse battery life after latest update(s) and other strange issues?

Amazing. I raved about this machine and defended it over the 1st 3 weeks because loved it. But with each new update, my machine is getting worse and I am starting to really become annoyed. I have the 256GB i5 model that was first released on Day 1.

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