Battery plugged in, not charging. What do I do?


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May 21, 2016
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Battery plugged in, not charging.

Since yesterday my phone doesn't charge. Battery saver in settings says "plugged in, not charging". Strangely enough the battery level won't go down (or up) when the phon in plugged in. What I tried:

- checked outlet and charger. They work.
- did a soft reset
- cleaned a charging port
- put a piece of paper under battery to make it fit better (it's suppose to be a thing according to the Internet)


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Dec 18, 2011
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Re: Battery plugged in, not charging.

you write "under". You need to put it on top of the battery so that the case pushes it down and you get better contact. I assume that's what you meant. You could try another battery (buy on ebay or Amazon or in the WC store). If it's not the battery then it could well be the usb port that got damaged or disconnected somehow.

but before you do that I would still try another cable. A newer cable might get tighter contact to the usb charging port.

An easy test to see if it is the usb port is to turn the phone off completely and then plug the charging cable in. Also wiggle it to see if there is a loose connection and observe if it turns on when you do that. If the phone doesn't turn on then it's probably the usb port.

If you determine it might be the charging port it's time to look at a repair. Here are instructions of taking the phone apart (https://w w If none of this is conclusive then I would do a hard reset next.
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