Battery Replacement Lumia 1520 (RM-938 vs. RM-940)


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Jun 1, 2015
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Hi All,

Well, judging by the number of recent battery posts, I guess I'm not alone but yeah, our Lumia 1520 batteries are dying.
I have a RM-938 and I gave my original RM-940 to my son.
His (so-far) is a little better off than mine, but not by much.

I'm pretty handy with electronics work and watched some videos on battery replacement and it looks pretty straight forward (although I'm a little nervous about the screen removal).

Anyway, my main inquiry here is, does anybody know if the RM-930 and RM-940 use the same battery part number?
As most of you may know, the RM-938 has the built in Qi charging and I can see that hardware taking up enough space inside the cover that the batteries could potentially be different.

Also, I read another thread where some users have received poor quality batteries and I'm wondering if, other than the generic OEM picture (they all seem to have) is there anything in particular I need to look for/ask for?

Any insights, much appreciated!


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Mar 1, 2015
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Anyway, my main inquiry here is, does anybody know if the RM-930 and RM-940 use the same battery part number?
Do you mean RM-938 vs RM-940? If so Yes. I believe that is what you meant.

I own/owned mulitple 1520 phones and I take my current one (RM-937 32GB model) apart all the time. It has the same exact battery size and is the same model replacement as the RM-940. 3400/3500 mAh

I have bought from a couple sellers on Ebay this type of battery and installed them. If your 1520 does not come with easy pull tabs for removing the battery it will be a bit of pain to pry it out. So be careful. One I have currently is still sealed in in static wrap. Not sure how authentic this one is since the Mfg date is of this year...kinda bizarre. They say they are brand new sealed, but most likely they are relabled or remanufactured.

I would say too (and it is a bit more than maybe you'd be willing to do..) if you find a parts only device for around the same price of the new battery (which is rare) you could buy that and exerpiment dissasembling it and take the battery out of that. Extra work, but at least you don't have to worry about tearing yours up for the first time and can learn on the spare one. Plus you get a battery (used of course). Or just take your son's as the guinnea pig device ;).

FYI: if you buy one make sure you look for one that has the pull/sticky tabs already in place on the battery. I believe this is a sign that they are closer to OEM than others too. Because the newer replacement batteries on the later model 1520s had to be installed with the pull tabs/easy remove tape underneath.

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