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Benss Fingerprint Reader for Windows Hello


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Jun 20, 2011
I wanted to try Hello technology so I looked into some Hello solutions and found the Benss Multi-Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10. I got it on Amazon for just under 50 bucks. There are other fingerprint readers around but I went after one that sported the Windows Hello icon on the package. Its a fairly basic concept. Push this in an existing USB port, install some drivers and you're on the way.


I should note, I sped by a lot of detail describing the concept because at one point, it was headed back to Amazon. Here is what happened and why I'm not only keeping it but recommending the Benss for Windows Hello.

Let me begin that the only thing that comes in the package is the Benss. No manuals, or as Flossy calls them..(if you know Flossy, you already know) nothing but a scan code to get to a PDF file. (Note: too tiny to read on your phone) But it walks you through the setup process. Find a laptop or desktop as I'm using.

Its straight forward instructions but I don't recommend walking it barefoot.
There are two sets of instructions. One for those running Redstone builds and those that don't.

(I'm running Redstone).

Fidgeting through the setup, I was largely unsuccessful. I blamed it on the lateness of the hour so I left the Benss plugged in and went to bed. The next morning before work, I gave it a tacit second attempt but Windows 10 would have no part of it. I left for work.

When I got home, my computer was finishing up some updates. I had the latest Redstone 2 build or so I thought. Now I have 15048 and that dang Evaluation sticker again. Boooooo.
Anyway, I went into the settings to give another shot at the Benss and unlike the night before, once this update finished, I had a new sign-in option.
Hello New.png

At this point, All I need do was scan my finger(s) to set it up and I was in business. Its quick loading and it finds your fingerprint in a snap.

If you're looking to engage some Windows 10 Hello goodness on your otherwise boring, standard password, pass pin you've done for years, check out the Benss.

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