Best Live TV/DVR/Media Center for Microsoft ecosystem (besides WMC)

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I have an aging Windows Media Center server that could die at any point. I may purchase a new PC and move it there, but I'm also considering other options for watching live TV, streaming live TV to other places in the house (today I do that via XBOX 360 Extenders), recording TV and playing it back, and providing media center services (e.g. we have a huge collection of videos on our PC that we like to watch in various settings). Is there currently a solution out there today that is supported and blends in nicely with the Microsoft ecosystem? I have Windows 10 desktop PC's, Surface Pro 4 tablets, XBOX One X, a couple XBOX 360's (acting as extenders), and a couple Lumia 950s. So whatever I look at needs to be as accommodating as possible with that technology. And i'm looking for ideas on where to run my HD antenna (to the PC or to the XBOX One X?) which i'm guessing is based on the solution. Thanks in advance!

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