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Best way to clean the phone screen?

Oct 7, 2014
We all been there right? Got our lovely phone, wanting to show it off but the screen is grubby. Sure... You can go to the 99p shop and buy a screen cleaner..you know the ones...comes with a lint cloth, brush and screen cleaner. Works fine for a while....then the smears start to show after you clean it...especially when you hold it up to a light. So which is the best method you use. Me? Well....

Personally the best way to get a clean smear and smudge free screen is to use a Johnsons baby wipe (also known as a wet wipe) yep...the same ones you use to clean a baby's bum
This works wonders for cleaning the screen making it 0% smear free. The trick is not to put the whole cloth on (its very wet and you don't want that going into the ear piece) then once you did that dry it off with a paper kitchen towel. And there you go...hold it up to the light and be amazed at looking at your smear free phone. Also works great for the phone case and camera lens too.

How about you guys? How do you clean your phone ?


New member
Apr 20, 2014

Another vote for glasses cleaners, they are a slightly rubberised cloth and bring screens up nicely.