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Dec 7, 2013
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I haven't been able to find many resources for this game, so I figured I would start a thread. The game itself doesn't explain much, other than the basics.

The game itself is similar to Puzzle & Dragons, available for other platforms. It is a match three game combined with leveling up robots that fight as teams.
There is a wiki that lists every bot, but otherwise is empty here:
Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Wiki

Every bot can be either a:
Attack, Tank, Guardian, Balanced, or Science. That slightly changes the amount of hot points, attack values, and recovery values. If anyone figures the percentages out, post 'em.

When fighting, in the top right corner there is a little picture showing which colors do double damage to other colors, and in the reverse direction do half damage.

If you don't have a bot of a given color, matching those three can still be useful, as they count toward the combo multiplier.

The game appears to be fairly buggy, although it hasn't crashed. I've got a purple bot (#44) that shows as a blue bot in some windows. The objectives for some fights are shown wrong at the start of the fight, as the ones at the end are completely different. some objectives don't seem to work, like the healing objectives. Leveling up a bot costs coin for me, although Evolving a bot doesn't, even though it is listed. I can't evolve unless I have that coin in my bank, however. I've gone into a fight to get one last part, only to come back and have five of those missing!

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