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Bluetooth connectivity problems at login screen (Windows 10)

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I have an older custom built gaming PC that I upgraded to 10 about a year ago. Since then I've been having a lot of problems with the Bluetooth. At first, Windows pinned this on my old receiver driver not being supported for Windows 10. The software update was out there, but for some reason Windows didn't find it. I manually installed it and it seemed to fix the problem for the most part.

But now I've been having a different problem exclusively at the login screen right after powering up. I got myself a Razer keyboard and mouse that use the BT LE standard. The device status lights say they are connected, but the Windows login screen won't respond to them. I have to switch them over to talk to the 2.4GHz wireless receiver (which has actually less reliable transmission quality, and in my opinion a total waste of a USB slot).

Razer support recommended that I install their special device management software. i tried it, but it seemed to actually be making my device performance worse. It did, however, temporarily fix the login screen problem. And then it went back to not working. So I removed the Razer software.

As of yesterday, all my BT drivers are verified as up-to-date. The latest update did fix some performance issues with the sleep-wake features of the LE standard, but not the startup-login problem.

The best guess I have is that this is some problem with the BT drivers not loading until after I login. The limited options on the login screen don't include a status of Bluetooth connections, so I don't know how to verify if this is the problem, or how to fix it.

I have an entertainment center setup, which necessitates all wireless accessories, so this startup issue is getting pretty frustrating. So... anyone have any ideas/diagnoses/potential fixes?