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Sep 18, 2014
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In June of last year, Richard Devine reported the controller that was developed for the Xbox One S would work with Windows 10 Mobile, as it was a Bluetooth controller.

The new Xbox One controller will work wirelessly with Windows 10 Mobile | Windows Central

Has that been implemented yet, or is it still in development? If the latter, are there any Bluetooth controllers out there right now that work for Windows 10 Mobile? I'm not necessarily looking for anything as complex as an Xbox controller, but something as simple as a action selector to be used with VR headsets. Google Cardboard uses a magnet to disrupt the magnetic field of the compass in Android and iOS devices and uses that as a select action. I don't know as if a similar magnetic device would even work with Windows phones or if they would require a device to be used as a selector. One of the common complaints about VR apps is the interface and how you have to constantly remove your device to make a selection and then put the device back in when the UI for the app doesn't support VR inputs such as gaze selecting.

There obviously aren't a lot of VR apps out there for Windows 10 Mobile. I'm sure part of that is due to lack of interest from developers, but I'm wondering if there isn't some other hurdle, such as control input, that dissuades people from developing VR apps for Windows.


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Nov 12, 2012
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I've got one of those generic Bluetooth controllers for VR. This one:

From my limited time testing it, it isn't what you want. All I've gotten it to do is change the volume in a toggle off/on sort of way.

Conversely, on VR Heads most users seem to go for the Xbox Bluetooth controller for their Android rigs.

Yeah, the Bluetooth controller is out. I'm seriously thinking of trying one.,k:xbox+one+controller+blutooth

The question remains, just how much can you get it to do though. It's a relatively expensive experiment for me as I don't have an Xbox to use it with if the VR is a flop.

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