Broken Grey Unlock Screen


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Sep 10, 2013
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Ok let me begin by saying this is my first smart phone ever and I am not very tech smart so bare with me.

About 3 weeks ago my nokia lumia 810 forced me to do a software update. This was not like the normal app updates that it typically does. The screen was stuck on the spinning gears for about 5 minuets. Ever since then I have had the horrible screen unlocking problem. I have already done a master reset. After doing the master reset the problem happened much less frequently, only once a day for the first couple days but now it has gone back to how it was before which is about every other time I pick up my phone.

When I hit the unlock/power button a dull grey screen shows up. I have to hit the button again to get off of it and again to try to get the right screen to show up. Sometimes I have to hit the button 20 times before my correct unlock screen shows up. Also 90% of the time it is this grey screen but on occasion a the screen will stay black but the windows and search buttons at the bottom will light up, sometimes the screen even gets that snow look when I hit the unlock button.

I saw one other post on her with someone who had the same problem with a phone they ordered online however my phone did not always do this. Its soooooooo aggravating. PLEASE HELP


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Sep 30, 2012
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Any chance you can post a screenshot of the lockscreen that's broken and describe if / what you're doing when this happens? The only time I've experienced a grey lockscreen is when I've been playing music through a music app that has no album art for the track or artist playing, so the app (often Xbox Music) will just display a grey lockscreen.


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Feb 5, 2013
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I had this problem literally two weeks ago :
Videos(Ignoe the egg pictures from my photography class):

I just bought my phone off ebay and after the next day I was experiencing these issues. I did mater resets and even a complete reflash, but no luck. Luckily the phone was under warranty and I sent it to Nokia and they fixed it, it was noted as defective. Sadly they didnt give me too much detail as to what the issue was, I reccommend checking your warranty status and sending it into them.

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