[BUG] Calendar medium size live tile displays wrong day for default calendar event

Dainis Jonitis

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Apr 15, 2014
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Calendar medium size live tile for next whole day event from default outlook.com calendar (e.g. Mothers day) displays the day name of current day. For example tile for today (2014-05-10) would display "Se 10" (Se = Sestdiena = Saturday) at right bottom corner, and for tomorrows event at top left "Se: All day". When tile is wide it would correctly say "Tomorrow: All day". Lockscreen (like wide tile) correctly displays "Tomorrow: All day". Windows 8.1 calendar would also display "Tomorrow" at the lockscreen. This happens with English phone language and Latvian regional settings. According to other reports it also affects phones with German regional settings since WP 7.8 times.
Update: tested with English (United States) regional settings and country United States - same problem.


This is present also in update for developers preview (8.10.14157.200)

There are some other threads that try to explain similar problems with timezone or whether day starts at 00:00:00 or 00:00:01, but it should not matter because currently the behavior is inconsistent between wide and medium tile sizes. Also it affects only the default calendar, and not special birthday calendars, Facebook or Google calendars.

1. With default Microsoft Account calendar tile information is wrong. It does not matter whether you created whole day event directly on phone or in Calendar view of Outlook.com.
2. If Outlook.com People birthday calendar is used then correct day is displayed in tile. You can create test person both in phone or in Peoples view of Outlook.com.
3. Facebook birthday calendar also displays correct day name in tile.
4. Windows 8.1 for PC displays correct event day

Please add your findings here
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Oct 5, 2012
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i have a similar issue but different also...
my calendar live tile stopped showing the correct day and date on the start screen.
a soft restart reboot (holding down the lock key and volume down until vibrate) seemed to have solved it last night and was again showing thursday 9th - was showing tuesday 7th...
but this morning - it is still showing thursday 9th and should show friday 10th....
i have tried to resize the tile... no luck.
no amount of syncing my calendar seemed to help either... when i click the live tile it does take me to calendar app that shows the correct day/date.
the lock screen also shows the correct day/date.

i just did a reboot again now and the live tile is showing the correct day and date...
i'll update my findings again this weekend....
looking back - i had a MSN music app update on tuesday - nothing else...

Lumia 520, WP8.1 Cyan, US region
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