[Bug] Internal/External HDD detected as RAW - MS needs your help!


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Jan 10, 2014
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As you already know that the recent Windows 10 AU update had borked some users internal and external HDD.

Here is some info about the problem: Windows Explorer cannot open the drive (you get a "X:/ is inaccessible. The request is not supported" error), and the partition manager says your HDD file system is either RAW or unallocated. However it perfectly works fine on other computer running 1511 build. So this problem is specific to AU.

MS has acknowledged the problem and has been actively working with the users and is still trying to figure out what is causing it. They are even active on Reddit and are gathering data from users.

So if you're one of those people who would like to get a fix roll-out as soon as possible and want to help out, kindly send a pm to the user /u/maheshrd on reddit (Microsoft Employee who seems responsible for tracking this issue). Sigh! this build should have been thoroughly tested by Insiders.

Sample thread source: Reddit, Mircosoft

For anybody affected: DO NOT REFORMAT YOUR DRIVE.......Your drive is PERFECTLY FINE, do not lose your data. It's an unforeseen serious bug which has a probable risk of MS getting sued by people in Windows 10 1607.

I'm one of those affected people, surprisingly my internal drives (SSD+HDD) works normal but the external HDD is shown as RAW and is inaccessible. Just roll back to 1511 or patiently wait for patch (if you can...) or backup your HDD and format your disk. You're good to go.

Are you experiencing this?
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