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Camera Flash Always On

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WPCentral Question

I am on vacation and there are no stores near me. My camera flash is always on. I am not using the camera, but the flash light on the back stays on no matter what I do. I tried to do a soft reset (down volume button and power button) and that did not work. I let the battery drain all the way and as soon as I plugged the phone in, the flash came back on. The phone is not even on but the flash is on. Any ideas?


New member
Jun 25, 2013
Have you try to install a flashlight app? Those apps have the ability to turn off the LED, maybe that can turn off the light.

Another solution would be using Nokia recovery tool software or a hard reset, kind of radical solution, but that should take care of the problem... if not, then most likely is a hardware problem..
Sep 16, 2013
Wow... That is a massive battery drainer. I would agree with pacus1x tho. Got for a full restore. Its def a software problem and a soft reset may help, if not a full reset...if not..then downgrade to 8.0 and go to 8.1. Always back up your phone first. Keep us updated and as always....give us a like and thanks on here *cough cough* 😉