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Camera Inconsistencies, living images and lighting slider

Chris Howarth K2

New member
Dec 9, 2015
1. When I take photos, some appear as living images and some don't. As far as I can tell I take them the same way. Can I control it? Some people have said it depends how long you hold down the focus (half-press the shutter) but I didn't seem to be able to control it like that when testing.

2. On some photos the final picture ends up with someone blinking - can I make a still from the 'living' section?

3. The first few pictures I took came up with an option to modify the lighting when viewing the picture, which was really good. I could drag a slider up and down to give me the best lighting for the image and save it. That option no longer pops up and I don't know how to reach it - it doesn't appear on the menu. Any idea what it was called and how to get it back?

4. I have bracketing on, set to take 3 pictures with different lighting. I assume this is linked to Q3 above. Can I gain access to the 3 pictures?

5. Is there a comprehensive guide? The Lumia Help & Tips isn't much cop. Might be useful to have a comprehensive one somewhere.
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New member
Oct 25, 2015
I thought the switch to living image is done automatically depending on the movement of the viewed scene

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