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Can a Windows 8.1 Phone sync with a Windows 10 OS?

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Being that my Windows Phone 8.1 can not upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, will it still sync with my computer?

Gaurav Sag

New member
Mar 21, 2016
Ya you can use windows 8.1 with windows 10, There will be no issue . If you are not able to do this then just switch off your phone and connect it with pc (your internet should be working in pc ) and and turn it on . All supported software or add on will be automatically download in your PC


New member
Nov 12, 2012
Your WP 8.1 will still connect to a W10 system via USB. It will still function as it did.

You may not get all of the converging features that are being built around 10 as a universal platform, however. Sync is a relative term. Sync what becomes the follow up question...

If you use Insider on the Release Ring, the same version is fetched as the recent public Upgrade received by these phones (10.0.10586.xxx): Phones Eligible for Windows 10 Mobile Official.

If your phone is not on the supported list, then 10586.xxx (Threshold) is the end of the line. You may as well use Insider and select Production to un-enroll your phone from Insider, but at least you have W10M. WaaS (Windows as a Service) will deliver future updates within Threshold to you without any Insider access required.

Check out this thread: Windows Insider Testing and You [Recommended Guidelines]

For right now, Windows Device Recovery Tool is only flashing 8.1 to models that did not launch with 10 so it is the way to revert if you don't care for W10M: How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software?

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