Can I disable Windows 10 updates?

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Yesterday I worked for hours on a final paper for grad school. I left my computer on overnight and while at work. This evening, when I started it back up, it had a pulsing blue screen telling me it had done an update but, not to worry, all of my files have been saved. They were not. Everything I had done for the past 24+ hours is gone on my document and I am starting with a skeleton of notes that I had two days ago. (Yes, I hit save before I went to bed, but the file was open. There were no recovery files and I have now checked the box asking Word 2007 to create a draft for me going forward.)

I want to be forewarned before updates in the future. This loss of work and even of browser tabs that I had open in doing my research is beyond frustrating. Online searches have not rendered me a way to just be warned before an update to be able to plan or schedule accordingly. Please offer some advice if you have any!

Daniel Ratcliffe

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Dec 5, 2011
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Hi, while I don't know how to do it, it is possible to disable the Windows Update service. This is something I am contemplating doing myself since I've got two devices stuck on Windows 8.1 home and I don't want forced updates on 10.

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