Can I get some help with a music app payment?

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Help with music app payment

I recently updated my credit card information within my Microsoft account by deleting my old card info and adding my new card info. However, when I attempt to go into the music store app to make a purchase and download a song, it gives me the following message: We don't have a credit card on file for your account.

So then I clicked on the "add credit card" link within the app to try to add the card info within the app, but when I click the "next" button after entering the data it gives me this message: We cannot add this payment method because it already exists in your account. Please try another one.

This is very confusing. My credit card info saved in my Microsoft account and shows up when I try to purchase a game in the App Store, but when I try to purchase a song on the music app it doesn't show.

Any feedback someone can provide would be much appreciated

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