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Can I get some help with a re-charging problem on my 1320?

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re-charging problem 1320

During a phone call, my phone ran flat and switched off. I started to charge it and initially a charge logo appeared and immediately disappeared. The phone did switch on momentarily and the everything went dead... when I press the start button nothing after 30mins I would have expected something. Any ideas would be most welcome Nal


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: re-charging problem 1320

Once the battery goes flat the chip in the battery goes into a coma. Plug in and stop trying to start the phone. It will take sometimes HOURS for the chip to wake up. Trying to start the phone interrupts the process. Once the chip awakes the phone will boot and start charging normally. It will show 6% or even less despite being on the charger all that time. Let it charge to 100% and then resume normal life.