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I'm not sure if anyone is able to help me but I'm out of options. My Lumia 930 suddenly had a black screen of death (unable to start up and unable to reinstall with windows) so I dropped off at a Nokia collect center to be sent for repair (it is still under warranty).........

And that was almost 1 month ago... Trying to get it fix has been a horror.

First I found out Microsoft/Nokia does not have a dedicated service center and thus they subcontracted the servicing job to a local company (I'm from Malaysia) Mobiletechnic (

Then they found out the issue is with the motherboard and the company does not have any spare parts at all. They are waiting from microsoft to send them over a replacement motherboard. The request was sent on 3rd of September.... I called them up and as of today they still do not have the parts.

Tried to contact microsoft through their chat services and they only tell me to contact mobiletechnic and there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO. They don't even have the information about my phone repair.

Is there anything I can do about it? Any suggestion??

TL;DR: Send a phone for nokia warranty, and waited for almost 1 month. Told by the repair center (which is a subcontractor of microsoft) they still do not have replacement parts till today.

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