Can I get the Amber Update after GDR3?


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Oct 30, 2012
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Hello All,

So title explains the question in short, slightly detailed story follows below...

...I sent my 920 to Nokie to have the dust filter screen put in, the FFC was just getting bad by now. I had done the Amber/GDR2 -> GDR3 updates before I sent it away and all was good. Well, Nokia either wiped my phone in full or completely replaced the device.

When I got it back it was clean as a whistle. Fair enough, I was warned. I ran into a rather annoying problem however. I'm on StraightTalk, and though I backed up my phone before I sent it in, it refused to restore outside of the initial welcome screen as I couldn't get online with wifi and it couldn't do the APN for ST during... I didn't know this was a thing, I couldn't get it to restore even if I "Skipped" or "signed in later".

I read up and hear GDR3 fixed this kinda, by allowing the WIFI selection on start up (yea, I had it, but I didn't have need to do a fresh install to see this). Before trying that however, I connected to WIFI and could not get the GDR2/Amber update at all. So I just went straight to it and was able to successfully get GDR3. However it hit me afterwards "Oh yea, the APN wasn't set, maybe it needed that to... see.... Amber... Doh!".

Anyway, I did a phone reset with GDR3, was able to hop on wifi, see my backup and now my apps are being re-installed (all 200+). Thing is, I'm missing my Glance screen something bad, and I'm wondering if there's no way (outside of Navifirm) to get the GDR2/Amber updates from Nokia.

Is the only optiion available:
Force down to Amber -> Redo GDR3 -> re-install backups?

Or is there an alternate path to get me back to Glance?


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Sep 30, 2012
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Get an app called SysApp Pusher, install it and press Check for Updates. Install any updates, especially ones for Display and Touch. This should sort your problem.


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Apr 27, 2011
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The Nokia "settings" apps will install, though they don't show up on the list when restoring a backup. Well, they show up as "application" or something like that without a name (I don't remember). They'll appear as updates within a day or so if you do nothing, but if you use the app that Muessig suggested, you should be able to get them all, no problems.

Good to know you were able to get back to your restore.

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