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Can I make my ring tone on my phone louder?

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Can I make my ring tone on my phone louder

I have a Microsoft phone which only has a volume setting up to 10


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Jan 12, 2013
Re: Can I make my ring tone on my phone louder

For the default ringtones in the phone, no. I think most electronic devices now comply with international regulations on volume loudness to minimize if not prevent hearing damage.

However, for your custom ringtones, you may save an audio file in the Ringtones folder in your phone where the audio file by itself is already loud, but without audio clipping (to avoid damaging the speakers). Also, try to find out the response profile of the speaker of your phone - for the same amplitude the speaker may sound louder when playing certain frequencies. For example, my L1020 speakers sound louder while playing a 5000Hz tone compared to a 100Hz tone, due to the dimensions and physical limitations of the speaker.