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Can I test Windows 8.1 before downgrading to Windows 7?

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can i test windows 8.1 before downgrading to windows 7

I have just bought a computer with the facility to downgrade to windows 7


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Nov 3, 2011
Re: can i test windows 8.1 before downgrading to windows 7


If your computer is for your own personal use, and not part of a corporate network where everyone must use W7, then I would strongly advise against this. There is too much you'd be missing out on, and if you need help adapting, or it doesn't behave as you expect, you've got an entire forum of knowledgeable people here willing to help.

That said, yes, you can downgrade to W7 at any time, even after having used W8.1. You can also go back to using W8.1 again at any time. You just aren't allowed to use both OS versions at the same time (for example on two different machines). Note that not every version of W8.1 allows you to downgrade however (if you've got an OEM license then you're fine).