Can someone hack my Viber account?

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hacking on viber

Hi, I'm a viber user and have been using it for years. We also use it as a form of communication in the office. An incident happened that one of my co workers asked me what I posted on the message forum of the staff in our company and I told her none and she said there was a post from my phone that was sent 1am and i didnt write anything because I was already asleep at that time.

Is it possible that somebody can hack my viber and post on my behalf? because i am sleeping alone in my room and there is no way I'll send a message while I'm sleeping. Please check on it. And I need advice. Thank you!


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: hacking on viber

So many questions... Is it possible you could join the site and reply in this thread?

Phone? OS? Version? Was the post nonsensical, inflammatory, routine, what type of post?

Do you by any chance take any sleeping pills? Some of those are known to cause people to engage in activities on an automatic basis with no recollection that they were active. Side Effects of Sleeping Pills: Common and Potentially Harmful Side Effects

Otherwise, could it be a prank by a coworker?

I'm not sure that an evil hacker would spend the time and effort to take over your viber account and post to one of your group chats. What would they gain?

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