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Can thumbstick controller grips improve your Xbox One gaming performance?


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Whatever it says on the box, performance increases aren't guaranteed. But thumbsticks can certainly help you out.
I'll start by saying this: there is no quick fix to make you better at a game. That comes from playing often, making mistakes, learning from them and going again. But there are always things you can do and products you can buy that will help you on your way.
A good controller is the top of the list if you're playing on Xbox One. Those like the Xbox Elite Wireless and Razer Wolverine Ultimate give you more customization and flexibility, a higher quality, better feeling product and with things like rear mounted paddles, they can certainly help get an edge in a fast-paced, competitive game.
Something else that can help is a good pair of thumbsticks. I've been using KontrolFreeks for a couple of years now and no, they didn't single-handedly make me a better gamer. But they did help me become one, and I know a lot of other folks out there swear by them too.

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